My Story

Welcome to The Cloth Collaborative!  My name is Rachel and I have been a Dental Hygienist for a little over eight years now.  While I feel like it was fully God's plan for me to choose that career path, I also feel like He gave me a servant's heart and a passion to serve others in a variety of ways.  This is where my passions merge, or collaborate, if you will. 

It was GOD, along with a supportive husband, puppy, and some pretty amazing friends & family, that allowed me to push fear aside and gain the courage to do this.  I strive to honor Him in all my life adventures-and I'm so thankful to have another platform to do just that! 

Over the past year that I have navigated down this new "entrepreneur" path, I felt a shift in my passions.  As I learned more about the fashion industry, it quickly became apparent that I felt more than a calling just to sell pretty clothes.  I learned about the process of manufacturing clothing.  I learned about the terrible working conditions that overseas manufacturers can allow their employees to suffer through. I learned the effect on the environment through fast fashion.  I also discovered the importance of supporting the US economy.  I was sold on the idea of only selling USA-made items in my store.  It was a personal decision I decided to make and I have never looked back.

Here you will find trendy clothing and accessories with a price-point to fit your lifestyle.  I strive to bring you the highest quality pieces that I can possibly find so you can lounge in comfort, rock your job interview and make sure that first date isn't the last--all while supporting the greater good!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting this small business!


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